New video encourages kids to feel more comfortable using CPAP

new video offers tips to help kids with sleep apnea adjust to using a CPAP machine and understand how the treatment will help them.

Sleep apnea occurs when the muscles in the back of the throat relax, causing a reduction in breathing or breathing pauses. It occurs in 3% to 5% of children. It is most common at preschool ages. CPAP therapy uses mild levels of air pressure, provided through a mask, to keep the throat open during sleep.

The “CPAP Tips for Kids” video includes step-by-step instructions for how to get comfortable using a CPAP machine. Wearing the mask without turning the machine on and working up to running the machine in small time increments will help children get comfortable.

The video shows how using a CPAP machine will get easier over time. It also explains how improving sleep will help kids feel more energetic and alert throughout the day.


The CPAP Tips for Kids video is available on YouTube.

It’s important for patients of all ages to begin CPAP treatment with a positive experience. This new video offers a gentle, positive introduction to CPAP treatment for children.

If you have questions about sleep apnea in children, talk to your pediatrician or contact an accredited sleep center to find a sleep doctor near you.

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